ArtNewB Biography 

'My English name is Andrew, I was originally from HongKong. To cut the story short, I had been America for 25 years, the first 10 years in Denver, where I graduated with a degree in computer science and got a job as technical support for years. 2004, I moved into Maryland, and started a new life by working in a middle school as a building service. I did not start self taught for drawing until 2012. At the beginning, I just wanted to draw some cartoon to mess up my supervisor and fellow worker up, and then I developed it as a hobby. I usually drew with watercolor, pastel pencil and ink. My favor artists are Andrew Loomis, Elise Hurtst, Jelle Jones and Kim Jung Gi, their artworks help me a lot for developing my skill. But started from last summer, my drawing is more on iPad, and I am able to be more creative of my work. I hope that I can through my website, I can continue to bring laughters and happiness for whoever who like to visit my website.